Kenny Schachter

under construction – entire interview will be back shortly

Kenny Schachter is an icon if it comes to Art. He grew up in the US and had not touched Art before he was 27. Kenny studied Philosophy and is a Jurisdictional Lawyer – with zero intent to practice law. After starting as an Art Dealer, he curated many exhibitions. He is a writer, teacher, artist, and so much more: A real multi-talent who entered the NFT space over 1.5 years ago. His energy makes him a real machine with a presence all over the NFTism sphere. Your NFT Granny had the pleasure of being invited for a fantastic face to face lunch.

under construction – entire interview will be back shortly

Dear NFT Art lovers

I had to clean my glasses as I found a few typos in the interview.
I am getting too old – maybe I was too much into Kennys Art.🥰
Let me re-check it, and it will be back shortly.

Excuse me for the inconvenience.

Your NFT Granny 👵

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