10th March-1st May 2023

Austin, Texas

In the heart of Austin, Texas, where the pulse of blockchain technology beats loudest, a new and exciting exhibition is about to take place. Called ‘The Blockchain Gallery,’ this event showcases the finest digital art, photography, and brands in the Web 3.0 realm. Hosted within the walls of the SoCo Modern Gallery, it will be a 1500-square-foot Web 3.0 experience.

This is not just a typical gallery but a platform for discussion, promotion, and appreciation of the best of blockchain development. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the old and digital art worlds. Through side events and supportive initiatives, we aim to bring people together and tell the artists’ stories

March and April are the peak times when the “SXSW festival” and”Consensus 2023″ conference are taking place. Our exhibition will allow visitors to experience art and the metaverse in many different forms.

The Artist with certified limited edition prints

Jenni Pasanen

Jenni is a talented artist from Finland who uses art as a powerful medium to reflect her inner world and express herself. Come and witness her incredible piece in person at our gallery.

Ken Griffiths (1945 – 2014)

Ken Griffiths, one of the UK’s top photographers, took rare photographs of rural Texas life in 1986 as part of his Texas Panhandle series. These photos are now being showcased in the blockchain world using high-tech technology


Enter the twisted and thought-provoking world of Diewiththemostlikes, a US-based digital artist who explores the dark humor of our demise and the melancholic apathy of our existence. Join us at our gallery to witness two of his captivating pieces in person, exhibited live and guaranteed to leave you with a lasting impression.

Johnny Thornton (1946 – 2016)

Johnny Thornton was a renowned surrealist photographer whose work blurred the line between reality and fantasy. Now, his unique photos are being showcased in the blockchain world using cutting-edge technology.

Michelle Thompson

Prepare to be amazed by the digital art of Michelle Thompson, a UK-based artist who seamlessly blends vintage and contemporary elements to create truly unique works of art. Join us at our gallery to experience two of her stunning pieces in person, exhibited live.

Mike Berkofsky

In 1967, struggling photographer Mike Berkofsky captured an incredible image of Jimi Hendrix for Rave magazine. Despite a flood that destroyed the magazine’s archive, Berkofsky spent three years restoring the image and creating a beautiful portrayal of the legendary musician. Specially printed for the current show, there is a great story behind his image.

Lionel Radisson

Lionel Radisson, a French digital artist, gained worldwide recognition for his exceptional artwork. His fascination for art in all forms led him to become one of the top generative artists, with his stunning pieces exhibited globally.


Zazu, a third-generation artist from Austin, creates art using mixed media. In a series featuring Ken Griffiths’ rare black and white fashion images from the ’80s, Zazu portrays the love story of two runaways in a dynamic universe where past and present blend together.

Artist on the Collector Wall curated by 33NFT, Mondoir and Ryan Zurrer

Alotta Money, Ash Trop, Beeple, DeeKay, gmunk, IX Shells, Lushsux, Mad Dog Jones, MicahJohnson, Offshoot3D, OVECK, Raphaël Erba, Refik Anadol, Six N. Five and ThankYouX

Artists in the Museum of Crypto Art (Moca) rooms

To be shared soon


Artynft.io is Switzerlands first digital art magazine who’s purpose is to bring a personal touch into the digital art scene making it understandable for everyone.

Showing that technical know how is not necessary to enjoy and hold beautiful digital art pieces. As offline art, it is about passion and feelings. The NFT Granny has gathered experience in the NFT space in the past years through in-depth self study, attending worldwide conferences and organising panels, exhibitions and discussions in Switzerland.He has built a solid network within the entire digital art scene through personal contact withover 100 of the top digital artists and is a speaker himself, sharing his knowledge in talks and international conferences.

Ken Griffiths Bureau was started as a creative hub to honour Ken Griffiths, and his photographic legacy. After cataloguing his immense analogue photography archive, The Bureau came to understand the complexities of finding a suitable space for analogue photography in the contemporary world. On their journey they gained first hand Web 3.0 experience and built a bridge between analogue photography and digital art.

Through projects and collaborations, The Bureau brings history into the contemporary art world in new and exciting forms. From oil on canvas, to animation and NFTs, they strive to find ways for the past to collide with the present.