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NFTs to finance NGOs

In previous articles, we talked about what digital art is and what NFTs are. We spoke of different marketplaces and their opportunities. Usually, digital artists create, mint and sell their pieces. But recently, I came across one gentleman using digital Art and NFTs for the greater good of a great NGO here in Switzerland.

Your NFT Granny talked to Michael Harr, the CEO of “Pro Senectute beider Basel” – “Pro Senectute” is the largest and one of the most important Swiss specialist and service organizations for age-related matters. Established in 1917, the foundation works to promote the well-being, dignity and rights of the older generation.

NFT Granny: Dear Michael – it was great meeting you and learning something about Pro Senectute. Would you like to tell me a little bit about Pro Senectute and yourself?

Michael: “Pro Senectute beider Basel” is the premier expert unit and point of contact for old-age-related issues in the region. This charitable foundation is financed mainly by the many donations and bequests which enable us, with various services, to support the well-being, safety and independence of the elderly. One important goal is also to make new technologies accessible to older people. I have been the manager of our foundation for five years. It gives me pleasure to pursue a meaningful activity and combine economic and social issues.

NFT Granny: You have bought two pieces of land in the metaverse. What is your vision or ultimate goal here?

Michael: We could imagine building a digital advice centre or a digital course centre in the future. If the metaverse continues to develop in this way, it is conceivable that older people will also be on the move in the metaverse in the future. We want to be able to reach older people there too. And, of course, we as an organization want to learn and deal with technical possibilities at an early stage.

NFT Granny: Talking about web 3.0 – you issue your digital Art collection “Swiss Crypto Marvels” on the 10th of October. Can you tell us more about the story behind this collection and what is its purpose? 

Michael: With the sale of the NFTs, we want to finance our activities in the metaverse. Since October 10th, you can buy the NFTs directly on the website. The action is organized in an understandable way so that the hurdles to taking part are as small as possible. You can buy directly on our website, pay by credit card, and send a paper wallet. The pictures are photographs by the well-known landscape photographer Marc Händel, who supports the campaign. These images of famous Swiss areas are enriched with futuristic symbols intended to show the connection between tradition and change.

“Lauterbrunnen” by Pro_Senectute_beider_Basel (2022)
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“Churfirsten” by Pro_Senectute_beider_Basel (2022)
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“Old town Chur” by Pro_Senectute_beider_Basel (2022)
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“Alp Palfries” by Pro_Senectute_beider_Basel (2022)
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Final thoughts

As an elderly lady, it is exciting to see NGOs like “Pro Senectute beider Basel” stepping into the metaverse. They bought two pieces of land in Decentraland and Sandbox. Their long time goal is to open up a virtual learning centre. A place – in which everyone is the same. It does not matter if you are slow on foot, maybe even in a wheelchair. We all are the same and must communicate with each other, even while sitting in the living room.

I know that this entire journey is not free of charge, so it is a great way to sell beautiful digital art to finance this venture. I, myself, can’t wait to visit one of their metaverse presences.

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