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How to Display NFT Art at Home

Many art lovers are discovering the new way of art since the NFT craze began in early 2021. People spend a lot of money to acquire the digital arts. However, as it is digital art – how can you display your NFT Arts at home? 

There are many options to display NFT Art, through both analogue and digital tools. In this article, we will look at two ways of doing it:

1.  Use Digital Frames to Display NFT Art
Source: Samsung Frame

The first option is the use of digital frames. These are LCD or OLED screens (like smartphone screens and TV screens) that are designed to look like a conventional picture frame. They display digital pictures and videos without being connected to a computer. Digital frames can display multiple pictures in slideshow format. The frames can be connected to the internet through a phone to download new pictures for display.

Another option is classical photo frames. Even though they seem to have found a new use, digital photo and video frames have existed for decades before NFT Arts. Recently, many art collectors have looked to these digital frames as a means of bringing NFTs to life on their walls. The frames have different sizes and shapes and vary in prices too.

2.  Use Physical Prints to Display NFT Art
Display NFT Art
A physical print NFT Andrew Coathup. Source Medium

The second option of displaying your NFT Art is the use of the physical print method. This method is comparatively cheaper. If you like, you can order a custom art label like the ones featured next to print works in museums. Art labels feature information such as the title of the piece, the artist, when the art was bought, and a handy QR code that links to the OpenSea marketplace page with the information about the NFT Art. Andrew Coathup, NFT Art collector, first shared this concept. It is a relatively cheaper and simple solution for those who do not want more screen time. Caothup, for instance, made his for less than $20. However, the physical method cannot work for looping videos or other formats since it only works with still images. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, displaying your NFT Art at home is a good way of enjoying the art. It is an extraordinary feeling to have an art piece hanging at home, where you know that this picture belongs to you. But it depends on your budget and the artwork itself whether you should choose an analogue or digital solution.