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Rose Jackson is a self-taught digital artist from Australia. Her unique style of using wool is unique in the scene. She grew up with art from many different cultures – e.g. Aboriginal Art. Rose gets her inspiration from nature and spirituality. She has a special love for Italy. It feels like coming home whenever she goes there.

NFT Granny: „Dear Rose – thank you so much for your time and that we were able to display your beautiful Art in our Pop-Up Gallery in Zurich.It was interesting to see the connection between the natural world and a digital one. When was the first time you came up with the idea to use wool?“

Rose Jackson: I started to work with wool about three years ago, but it wasn’t until NFT’s that I shared my art with anyone. I bought a huge bag of wool roving on a whim after seeing a random Facebook marketplace post! The second I touched the soft wool, I was obsessed. It’s like playing with clouds.

How did you first become interested in art, and how did you get started with it yourself?

Rose Jackson: I grew up with art from many different cultures in our home, especially a lot of Aboriginal art and art made by family friends. So it became customary to have art in my home as an adult, which helped me develop my taste. I started making my own art in my early 30’s when I bought that first bag of wool roving.

Could you tell us more about the story of your work “Transparen(cy)”?

Rose Jackson: I created Transparen(cy) at a time when I felt a bit out of place, and maybe people couldn’t see me for who I am. But there is a boldness in the colours and confidence behind the title.

„Transparen(cy)“ by Rose Jackson
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Which of your artworks are you most proud of? 

Rose Jackson: I think the most meaningful artwork to me is ‘Sandstone Songlines’. I have struggled with identity my whole life. Having indigenous ancestry but not being acknowledged by my wider family, I never felt like I fit into a particular group. It has only been the last few years that I’ve realised that there is only one me, and all those small parts and ancestral lines came together to make me.

„Sandstone Songlines“ by Rose Jackson
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Is there an artist you would like to work with? Like a collaboration?

Rose Jackson: I have done so many amazing collaborations. I feel so honoured whenever someone wants to work with me! I can’t think of anyone specifically, but I would love to make another fx hash project with a generative artist.

We are curious 🙂 Would you be willing to share any plans of upcoming projects?

Rose Jackson: I have just dropped a few collaborations I’ve been working on, so my to-do list is minimal. Still, plans include another collab I have in the works and also a particular genesis piece.

Who or what are your biggest influences or sources of inspiration

Rose Jackson: My biggest inspiration for my art is nature and spirituality. I love to create artworks that help people feel connected to the vastness and beauty of this world.

What do you feel when you are creating new art?  

Rose Jackson: I feel excited by the potential. When I make a wet felted piece, I have to surrender to the process, as I can’t fully control what the wool will look like or which directions it will move in as it is being felted. The same for my GAN work. All I can control is the dataset I create. The rest is up to the neural network.

How do you enjoy the NFT Art you have collected? Do you have a way to display it for example at home?

Rose Jackson: I adore my vast tezos collection! I don’t have any displays yet, but that is on the cards for the future! I currently enjoy some of my favourite pieces by changing my phone wallpaper weekly. That way, I find the artwork uplifts me, and I enjoy that moment of art before I use my phone.

What would be your biggest wish for the NFT Art scene? What is currently missing / not fully developed to reach full potential out of it?

Rose Jackson: My biggest wish is that we maintain a sense of community. That people continue to look out for each other, and raise up those who’s voices are not being heard.

What is the most disturbing thing when it comes to NFTs and cryptoart in your opinion?

Rose Jackson: Well, the prevalence of scams is the crappiest part. I sometimes worry for newcomers who don’t realise just how common it is. When you first begin, trust no one! 😀

What does a typical day for you look like, and what do you like to do when you’re not busy with NFT Art?

Rose Jackson: I’m woken early by either my youngest child or the cheeky cat! I get my eldest to school, and then I manage full-time parenting with working. My partner is also an artist and works from home, so we are both available during the day for parenting and prioritise time for whoever has more pressing work that day. We love to go on walks in the bush and spend a lot of time in nature and our garden, growing vegetables and flowers. I also love to bake and cook, so I usually do that daily.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Rose Jackson: To not let others live rent-free in your head, basically don’t hold a grudge.

Is there something aside from art or NFTs you collect?

Rose Jackson: Does cookware count? I used to have a cake-making business, so I’ve collected a lot of random bits of cookware over the years.

What do you feel the moment a project you’ve created dropped?

Rose Jackson: It usually depends on how much sleep I’ve had. I either love it or hate it.

Where do you like to travel?

Rose Jackson: Italy is my favourite country. It feels like coming home whenever I go there. I also love to travel Australia and want to do more of it as my kids get older.

  • Full Name: Rose Jackson
  • Date of Birth: 14th August
  • Current hometown: Blue Mountains, Australia
  • Languages she speaks: English and a tiny bit of many languages from travel and working in backpacker hostels for many years!
  • What did you want to be when you were a child: An actor! I loved theatre when I was a teenager.
  • Education: Various qualifications in social work, as an artist I’m completely self-taught
  • First Job: Reception/housekeeper at a backpacker hostel

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