railaite.rob is a digital arist who has been doing art for her entire life. Her artworks are “painful, nostalgic and beautiful”, and she explores the deep emotions of human existence. She gets her inspiration from the every day and nature as well from art itself and she hopes that crypto art will be considered part of the modern art world one day.

NFT Granny: “Dear railaite.rob  – thank you very much for taking your time. Nowadays, there are so many children with names I’ve never heard before. But I have to admit, I really like “railaite.rob”. Where does it come from and what does it mean?

railaite.rob: Interesting – It’s the first time I hear it, and I’m pleasantly surprised! I aways thought it’s a bit confusing. I created this username on a whim when I first joined the NFT space back in March, 2021. I was curious and never would have guessed it would grow into something so big. And the meaning is very simple: Railaitė is my last name and Roberta is my first name. It’s funny as I shortened it “.rob”, and many people think I’m a guy – which is understandable.

How did you first become interested in art, and how did you get started with it yourself?

railaite.rob: I became interested in art since my early childhood. My mom said I maybe was born with a pencil in my hands. It was a perfect way to express myself. And I had a lot to express.

Could you tell us more about the story of your work “Big sister 2088”?

railaite.rob: Big Sister 2088 is a collab that myself and dead_seagull have made. It was an extremely rewarding experience working with seagull, as I’m such a big fan of hers. We had a concept that we wanted to create a cyberpunk dystopian scene. So seagull drew a very cool cyberpunk deity for my little people to worship. I always had in mind Orwell’s 1984 while doing the piece, and I think it reflects that.

“Big sister 2088” by railaite.rob & dead_seagull
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Which of your artworks are you most proud of? 

railaite.rob: This would probably be “A memory from the past” since it is a theme about longing and pain that comes from traumatic experiences. It grips you and it seems that it will never let you go if you let it. I love everything about that piece.

“a memory from the past” by railaite.rob
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Is there an artist you would like to work with? Like a collaboration?

railaite.rob: I would love to work with Lip Comarella. He is so skilled and full of interesting ideas. He helped me a lot in developing my style.

We are curious 🙂 Would you be willing to share any plans of upcoming projects?

railaite.rob: The plan is always the same: do a horrific things season, then do a couple of SR pieces and squeeze some collabs in between. Rinse and repeat. 🙂

Who or what are your biggest influences or sources of inspiration? 

railaite.rob: My biggest influences are everyday life, it’s so cliche but it’s true. You can look at a rock and find inspiration there if you know how to look. And of course art. Art is a big part of it as well. Some of my favourites (including all kinds of artists and mediums): Zdzisław Beksiński, Marina Abramovic, David Lynch, Lip Comarella, Katherine Lam, Pink Floyd, George Orwell.

Is there something specific you are trying to express with your art? 

railaite.rob: Yes, very much so. My main theme is reaching a deep emotional wound and exploring it, with a sense of longing. It is painful, nostalgic and beautiful. Hopefully I manage to convey that.

Do you remember the first time you heard about NFT Art? 

railaite.rob: It was back in March 2021, my friend was doing NFTs and I saw he was selling his beautiful pieces for not a bad sum of money at that time. And since I lost my job recently it was the perfect time for me to explore that. And I never looked back since.

How do you enjoy the NFT Art you have collected? Do you have a way to display it for example at home?

railaite.rob: I have a few pieces in print format just by my side near my workspace. They are a great reminder of the connections and friendships I have made along the way.

What would be your biggest wish for the NFT Art scene? What is currently missing / not fully developed to reach full potential out of it?

railaite.rob: I think it would have to be patient. I see a lot of “gambler” like behaviours in this space. It needs to be calmer and more collected, not driven by hype and extreme highs and lows. It’s just not sustainable.

What is the most disturbing thing when it comes to NFTs and cryptoart in your opinion?

railaite.rob: I see a lot of exploitation, bad actors, art theft and scams, which could be understandable since we are still in the early stages. Still, this part annoys me a lot.

We would really like to know, where do you see the NFT Art scene in the future? 

railaite.rob: I hope that crypto art will be considered part of the modern art world. I truely believe it will be widely accepted, and I can’t wait for that.

Which tools do you use to create your art?

railaite.rob: My most trusted tool – wacom intuos pro. Apperantly it’s oldschool to use it instead of and Ipad, but I just got used to it, and it’s really comfy for me. And my main software is Photoshop and After effects.

What does a typical day for you look like, and what do you like to do when you’re not busy with NFT Art?

railaite.rob: My typical day: get up at 8:30 AM, make breakfast for gf, feed cats, get on the computer, open Twitter, say GM, answer DMs and then draw draw draw. And when I’m not doing that I like to go for walks, watch movies, play video games, and some good old basic recreation to keep a balance. I try to exercise more since my back is killing me.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

railaite.rob: Touch grass!

Is there something aside from art or NFTs you collect?

railaite.rob: No, but my gf collects vintage glass vases. I think that’s pretty cool.

What do you feel the moment a project you’ve created dropped?

railaite.rob: I feel very accomplished and that I deserve a nice rest 😀

  • Full Name: Roberta Railaitė
  • Languages she speaks: English and Lithuanian
  • What did you want to be when you were a child: Spiderman

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