Mahboubeh Absalan

Mahboubeh Absalan is a Fashion illustrator, digital artist and painter. She did her first drawings before she was able to talk. Mahboubeh was covering the Milan fashion week with Nick Knight. She gets her inspirtation from Life, Hieronymus Bosch and the concept of consciousness is my holy trinity.

NFT Granny: “Dear Mahboubeh – thank you so much for taking your precious time. While purely enjoying browsing through your incredible art pieces, I have realised that you have not a single painting with a male grown-up. How comes your focus on female characters?  

Mahboubeh Absalan: I have painted men in my client’s works. But in my personal work, I hadn’t even noticed it until 2-3 years ago when people started asking me why? I don’t know, honestly. Maybe psychologically, it’s an overcorrection of my culture’s suffocating masculine power. But I want my world to be all about terrifyingly powerful women.

How did you first become interested in art, and how did you get started with it yourself?

Mahboubeh Absalan: Painting has been a part of my body since before I could adequately talk. One of my earliest memories was when I was three years old, and I drew all over my white kitten heels with a red marker. So I can’t pinpoint a beginning – but maybe that was it.

Could you tell us more about the story of the Project “Shady Angels”?

Mahboubeh Absalan: I’m very interested in psychology, how we all have a dark side, how we all have this duality that actually makes us interesting.

Shady Angels is all about breaking this rule that “angels are good!” 

Shady Angels VOL. 1
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Shady Angels VOL. 2
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Shady Angels VOL. 3
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Which of your artworks are you most proud of? 

Mahboubeh Absalan: My oil paintings! I almost never share them. This is a growing collection of paintings about my most vulnerable experiences, I’m one of those people that physically cannot be vulnerable. It’s so difficult for me. But I want to share them with you NFT Granny.

Oil painting by Mahboubeh Absalan
Oil painting by Mahboubeh Absalan
Oil painting by Mahboubeh Absalan
Is there an artist you would lYou did many collaborations already – which one was your favourite and why?

Mahboubeh Absalan: I was covering Milan fashion week for Show studio! Working with Nick Knight has been a teenage dream of mine. I still can’t believe it. It might sound ridiculous to most people, but I have happily sacrificed everything in my life for my work, everything! So when I say it was the only few days in my adult life that I felt calm, I felt right. I didn’t feel like I was lost and clueless.

We are curious 🙂 Would you be willing to share any plans of upcoming projects?

Mahboubeh Absalan: My plan for NFT is to continue my Nostalgic Diary collection and grow it into something extraordinary.

Nostalgic Diary – Day 1
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Nostalgic Diary – Day 8
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Nostalgic Diary – Day 9
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Who or what are your biggest influences or sources of inspiration? 

Mahboubeh Absalan: Life, Hieronymus Bosch and the concept of consciousness is my holy trinity. It is a vast collection of ideas, thoughts, and studies about history, religion, science, nature, etc., that I just call the concept of consciousness to shorten.

Is there something specific you are trying to express with your art?

Mahboubeh Absalan: I’m in pursuit of creating a safe zone with my digital paintings. To me, a classical painting is an object that has seen the evolution of human civilisation and has survived it. That’s why when I’m in the presence of one, I feel safe, I feel happy and strong.

On the other hand, oil painting is the place where I speak about my curiosities.

What do you feel when you are creating new art?

Mahboubeh Absalan: Excitement, an unsafe safety. 

Do you remember the first time you heard about NFT Art?

Mahboubeh Absalan: Yes, it was back in April 2021.

What is your favourite platform for mints, and why?

Mahboubeh Absalan: Currently, Open Sea is my favourite platform, in general, because I feel less anxious! 

What would be your biggest wish for the NFT Art scene? What is currently missing / not fully developed to reach full potential out of it?

Mahboubeh Absalan: An atmosphere and platform for really talented and hardworking artists to shine.

I have no idea how but I feel we can do better to shine more light on the talents that might not have enough time to be super active in the community. Everyone should be able to enjoy this technology.

Which tools do you use to create your art?

Mahboubeh Absalan: I use a Wacom and an Ipad.

What does a typical day for you look like, and what do you like to do when you’re not busy with NFT Art? 

Mahboubeh Absalan: My meditative / idea walk, drawing and painting, watching films. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Mahboubeh Absalan: I have two! 

1: Don’t look at any opportunity like a lottery!

2: If you can be ruled by your emotions then you can be ruled!

Is there something aside from art or NFTs you collect?

Mahboubeh Absalan: I’m a religious collector of cloud pictures I can take! And I collect weird, interesting objects from nature.

By Mahboubeh Absalan
  • Full Name: Mahboubeh Absalan
  • Languages she speaks: Farsi and English 
  • What did you want to be when you were a child: I wanted to be a master in painting!
  • Education: BA in Textile and fashion design 

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