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Lapin Mignon is a digital artist based in the UK. Using the pseudonym has given Lapin the licence to start fresh and leave the corporate suit behind. Lapin started the art journey early in life and spent time in primary school creating and crafting with all the little things one finds. Lapins first touching points with NFTs were made during the early days of the CryptoArt promotion 2019. Lapin’s Childhood had a significant influence on the artist, especially the writer of the Little Prince, Antoine de Saint’s Exupery, and Jules Verne.

NFT Granny: “Dear Cute Bunny or as most people know you “Lapin Mignon”  – thank you very much for taking your time. What is the story behind this cute name?

Lapin Mignon: That is a good question, and I am surprised very few people ask me about it.
Lapin Mignon, Cute Rabbit, is first a way to not use my real name – non that I am precious being anonymous, but more about creating an artist identity as I had for many years a very serious career in the Industry – and I wanted to create a space where I can be myself without any limits. So acting under a pseudonym gave me the licence to start fresh, leave my corporate suit and dream of being on a totally different trajectory made of Art and Craft. I created Lapin Mignon in 2011 as a fun brand for my jewels and paintings. In 2012 when I got married, I even got the Trademark offered as a wedding gift.

Why Lapin Mignon – This is another story as I live and used to live in the UK – so crossing the channel quite often. But I was keen to have a cat – but with the restriction to cross the borders, that would have been a pain – so we opted for what the closest to a cat, but allowed without ant control: a Rabbit… I adopted my first Rabbit, Minus, in 2010. And my friends were making so much fun of me because Minus was acting like a cat, looking for cuddles, playing and loving to give little kisses – he was such a delight. And I was fond of my rabbit – such that one of my friends was imitating my tiny voice, “Il est trop Mignon” ( He is so cute) that it ended up Lapin Mignon as my signature. So here we are.
Our wedding pictures were taken with my rabbit – how cute is that?

How did you first become interested in art, and how did you get started with it yourself?

Lapin Mignon: Art has been a big part of my life – even if the word “art” itself was for long too mondain for me that I dread using it. My parents are probably the first artists of my life, but they would not admit it. My dad is really good at painting and drawing. He definitely inspires me in the line and in my usage of watercolour. My mum is a magician – all she touches transforms into gold – she does knotting, macrame, poems, and since few years started Lace and is now exhibited. They are both unbelievable but would dislike me saying they were artists as they feel they don’t deserve such a title… and this is where with Crypto Art, I am grateful – we are back to basics, the one who creates Art is an artist – simple. And it took me a while to get it.
So as you can imagine, I spent my childhood creating and crafting with little things around me. Even one of my teachers, when I was not even ten would pretend to throw away materials and books. It was making my imagination buzz, and I would carry on creating my little world hidden under my desk – with my best friend, we were in our little bubble during all primary – these years were magic and really are the fundamentals of who I am – I guess all I am doing today, is like an attempt to come back to these golden years, where my imagination was all I have, and it was a bliss.
As soon as I could, I did Art at school – and loved it – My teacher was even pushing me to onboard an Art School – but I got scared, and blindly went the other direction, to a business University, to secure my future and allow me to travel in a nice job. I left my brushes and craft in my drawers and came back to them from time to time… until in 2019, I exploded – and suffered a Bored Out at work – I questioned myself… and realised how my creativity was suffering being left behind.


Could you tell us more about the story of your work “Aquabizarre #7 – The Submarine”?

Lapin Mignon: This work is a collaboration with my son Arthur – at that time, he was just four years – and being a mum, I would feel a little guilty enjoying so much doing Art on my own that I found ways to mix my two passions – My Sons and CryptoArt – On this one, Arthur would do the base painting – and I draw on it. I asked him what he saw in his stains of colours – and he told me sea and submarine – and I started to draw around the splashes, and he would supervise and guide the drawing in a funny way. I was very inspired by steampunk art… but for children.
Regarding AquaBizarre, it’s the first series I started when I joined the CryptoArt movement in 2019 – it is a series where the inspiration is in underwater little mignon monsters. This really triggers one’s imagination.

“Aquabizarre #7 – The Submarine” by Lapin Mignon (2021)
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Which of your artworks are you most proud of? 

Lapin Mignon: “The (Little) Fool” in 2021 – inspired by Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince, this artwork has shaped my art style more than I can imagine. It is such a huge achievement for me that it is the artwork that inspires the entire project of Mignonverse, which I and Tagachi are working on for the last 12 months, a storytelling adventure powered by the community and rewarded by the Blockchain. It really is an autobiography of myself. This is the way I see myself, and it is very special.

“The (Little) Fool” by Lapin Mignon (2021)
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Is there an artist you would like to work with? Like a collaboration?

Lapin Mignon: I have already made amazing collaborations with artists I adore. But with all the projects this year, I have focused on the Mignonverse. The CryptoArt begins Book, The Fauve Paris Auction… But I had no time for collaboration, and I must admit, I miss it quite a lot as this is a great way to get to know an artist, blend with their style, and expand my Art further.

One artist with who we wanted to collaborate before they got too famous was Pak – I had a vision of a Pak Tech Shape full of cuteness… But I guess this will never happen now – but in my head (and I did sketches of it), it looked amazing.

We are curious 🙂 Would you be willing to share any plans of upcoming projects?

Lapin Mignon: Mignonverse! With Tagachi, we blended our Talents in one project that embarks our community into a space discovery adventure. Tagachi is one of the most talented coders in the crypto art space, and I am so thrilled we had this common vision to put some technology for the sake of Art. He is pushing my watercolour to a new level. Based on a story I am writing and reading each week in our Spatial metaverse around the fire, every Wednesday at 3.30 pm UK time (, we are slowly but surely embarking on our first 777 pioneers on our rockets, direction The Mignonverse, where everyone will be able to collect a little planet that will evolve over time, and get even the visit from Mignon Travellers. All made in watercolour – we are getting ready to embark.

Who or what are your biggest influences or sources of inspiration?

Lapin Mignon: My Childhood is a huge influence – and Antoine de Saint’s Exupery and Jules Verne are a big part of it, and I guess this is sensible when you look at my artworks.
My two young sons are my everyday motivations. Seeing them enjoying life in the most innocent way is my ultimate goal.

Do you remember the first time you heard about NFT Art?

Lapin Mignon: I am part of the CryptoArt promotion of 2019 – NFT was not used for Art at that time. And I loved the word CryptoArt – because it helped me accept I was doing a kind of Art and demondainised the Art word by adding crypto. And I loved the two together, it sounded like everything but me, and I adore it. I could pretend I was a tech person… while sticking with my watercolour – But it was a community. I think we were looking our way, looking for different things and goals, and we found each other.

How do you enjoy the NFT Art you have collected? Do you have a way to display it for example at home?

Lapin Mignon: I am renting a place at the moment – but my dream is to buy a family home – and I will display my Art and honour the Art I have collected then. But for now, I am just dreaming, LOL.

What would be your biggest wish for the NFT Art scene? What is currently missing / not fully developed to reach full potential out of it?

Lapin Mignon: All I wished for was already there. I am concerned that bit got diluted while the community was growing. But there is still the core of it, which is strong and love them to bit. It is unique. We are helping each other, sharing our highs and downs – we are like family- and pushing ourselves in our Art and Tech – Very passionate, and we buy art from each other. Fanny Lakoubay (LAL Art) always says that the best NFT Collections are usually in the Artists’ wallets since we support each other. And I can rely on this.
Now the step we are taking is fundamental – CryptoArt is Art – and there is a clear movement to get the CryptoArt movement accepted by the wider Art world – and what is happening is mind-blowing. Most of the biog traditional Art institutions now realise that they need to embrace CryptoART and are coming to see us for help – this is incredible. Because if we like it or not, CryptoArt sets the fundamentals for a future Art movement. Global, connected and with the new, more fair Art economy/business models backed by Blockchain technologies.
Being in the Book CryptoART Begins from NFT Magazin, Rizzoli and Eleonora Brizi – which will be distributed in museums in Italy and NYC. This is a big one for me – and I tend to focus my effort on being more and more visible from the Traditional Art – because that means a lot to me, I want to be an Artist in its most glorious aspect.

What does a typical day for you look like, and what do you like to do when you’re not busy with NFT Art?

Lapin Mignon: I start with my kids – They are 6 and 2, and we have a big cuddle under the blanket on the sofa, cosy, when they are having their breakfast and watching cartoons. Then School and Nursery run – I do walk them, which is nice, like a one-hour walk. The best way to start. Then I start with my emails and work (I have an advisory company and am an Artist Advisor for LAL Art). Then we usually have an hour meeting with Tagachi for Mignonverse preparation. I then take care of my social media from time to time and create some content for Mignonverse, like writing the next chapter, the Illustrations, the story recordings etc. This takes me a considerable time. But so much more enjoyable.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Lapin Mignon: WGM told me never to let anyone tell me what to do – as artists, we have to pamper and enjoy our freedom.
This is so true, especially when some curators or collectors dare to tell you what style you should do etc. That is not correct. I am creating Art, not producing. And this is even more true today as with economic pressure, and you can be tempted to follow the trends to get money – in my case, I have opted to take side jobs to keep my Art free from pressure.

Is there something aside from art or NFTs you collect? 

Lapin Mignon: Oh yes – but nothing that would have value for you: My kid’s drawings, and I tend to NFTise it.
I also collect Memories from the last 40 years – I have a box of train tickets, a Cocktail topper, a jar of sand, Stones, sweets paper, dried flowers, a branch, a letter from a friend, a spoon from a picnic, napkin drawing, bottle corks lol – all random, but they all tell me a story.

  • Full Name: Lapin Mignon
  • Date of Birth: 1982 – Yay I am 40!
  • Current hometown: UK
  • Languages Lapin speaks: French, English and I get in German and Czech
  • What did you want to be when you were a child: Nothing – I was living the day, BIG TIME – and always had this look on my face when adults were obsessed about what I wanted to do when I would be a grown-up
  • Education: Business and Marketing, Alas!
  • First Job: Marketing Executive in the Automotive Industry

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