Han is a talented artist who already created – and is currently working on – several generative art projects. In addition to that, he is also working on various music projects. His artworks are basically live explorations. So it is kind of different from the other collectible projects, which makes them special. He finds much inspiration all around the digital world. Artists inspiring him are DaVinci, from the traditional art scene, and Pak, from the NFT scene. And once he found a special concept, he digs into it and starts to create his art.

NFT Granny: “I have to admit, I already had several opportunities to speak with NFT artists, although I still do not understand the whole system in detail. But nevertheless, I find the idea to generate art with the computer super exciting. Can any artists who can handle a brush and a canvas create NFT art or do you need to have special computer skills?”

Han: I would say it is not about special computer skills. In recent years blockchain technology has entered our lives. As an artist, there should be basic knowledge to integrate with this technology. And in five years, it will be more integrated and we will see blockchain technology much more in our lives – although no one will call it blockchain, as it is just IT. Similar to the internet nowadays. If you order at Amazon you do not have to know how the internet works. You just use the product.
In conclusion, I want to say that for now, you need a basic knowledge of computer skills. But I am pretty sure that more and more offline artists will enter the NFT art scene. And maybe it is even a chance for someone, who is a great offline artist but not very well known yet.

Do you remember the first time you heard about NFT art?

Han: Yes, actually the first time I heard about NFT art was two years ago. I have to admit – in the beginning, I was sceptical – as I didn’t know any people in the scene. For one year I only observed the artists and watched their steps and their social media path. And then, like one year ago, I decided to enter the scene as well.

Do you collect NFT art by yourself and if so, which are your favourite pieces?

Han: Yes. My first NFT art piece was a CryptoPunk, I guess I bought it around six months ago. And then I decided to invest more. Also, like one week ago I invested in Meebits, which is the new project of LarvaLabs. And I also have pieces from Refik Anadol,Beeple, Pak and Roger Kilimanjaro. 

Speaking of art and other artists, is there an artist you would like to work with? Such as a collaboration? 

Han: In fact, my last drop “AlgoRhythms” on Art Blocks is a collaboration with Nicolas Daniel. He is a creative coder. I am also working on generative art projects and in addition to that, I’m also working on various music projects. So we just decided to gather our styles together and made a collaboration! 🙂 Another artist I would like to collaborate with is Pak. I really hope I can accomplish this goal one day. This would be just amazing!

We would really like to know where you see NFT art in the future?

Han: I think the NFT technology provides a set of authentication, and this is especially in the art scene super important. Authentication provides trust.

For example: In the offline world, we have beautiful physical artworks. But authentication, we need a certificate for each of them. Without the certificate we wouldn’t buy an expensive art piece, right? We wouldn’t know if it is the original. So I think NFT technology solves this problem. No longer is this unique information documented in a piece of paper or within a centralized company. Instead, it is documented in the blockchain. And also, I believe we will be using more often the digital objects and digital values in the metaverse, like in virtual land. Even during our interview right now we are also in the metaverse – we are talking virtual via computer.

So talking from NFT art in general, we would now love to jump to your artworks. Can you tell us a little bit more about the history behind your latest project “AlgoRhythms” on Art Blocks?

Han: For “AlgoRhythms” Nicolas and I worked with a musician to make the project not just visual but also an audible experience. And right now, “AlgoRhythm” has 28 different musical scales from all around the world. We try to make diverse melodies within the project. In addition, we try to create diverse colors with the Ethereum transaction hash. The wireframes are solid but different visuals.

Which other pieces have you published so far?

Han: I published a collectible project called CryptoCubes. It is a metaverse native project, which you can use in metaverse 3D objects. I created this project with the coding language Python. Furthermore  I’m publishing my artworks on several platforms like SuperRare, NiftyGateway and MakersPlace. My artworks are basically live explorations. So it is kind of different from the other collectible projects which makes them special.

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Have you already any other plans for upcoming projects?

Han: I came up with an idea called “CryptoCubes & Creators”. We already did our first drop on Nifty Gateway. We gathered 256 artists in the NFT scene together. Each artist was creating artwork with a single CryptoCube. We will have our second drop with 16 artists on July, 16th!

Super exciting! We are definitely looking forward to that second drop 🙂 How can our readers find out when and where you published your next or upcoming projects?

Han: I mainly post my new drops on my Twitter account.

And now we would like to jump to art in general, and not specific about NFT’s or digital art.
Who or what are your biggest influences or sources of inspiration?

Han: My first inspiration which comes to my mind is DaVinci. And for the NFT scene, my main inspiration is Pak. He has really interesting concepts with minimal and mathematical proportions. But also, you find so many inspiration all around the digital world. And once I find a special concept, I dig into it and start to create my art.

Have you been active in the offline art world as an artist as well?

Han: I graduated with my bachelor’s degree one and a half years ago. In my bachelor’s time, I attended the Internationale Architektur-Biennale Venedig in 2018, and also contemporary events in the same year. So I was exhibiting my artwork in several offline exhibitions. Also, I planned an exhibition in a gallery in Istanbul, but unfortunately of the pandemic, we had to postpone it.

What does a normal day for you look like? And what do you like to do when you are not busy with NFT art?

Han: I have a passion for music. So when I’m not working on my artwork, I am mainly playing and learning trumpet or piano.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?

Han: It was from my teacher and she said, “Don’t make mistakes others already made. Make your own mistakes”.

Is there something you collect? Besides NFT art.

Han: Music instruments, I love them! And I have a goal to own a music studio once 🙂

  • Full Name: Han
  • Languages you speak: Englisch, a little bit Spanish
  • What did you want to be when you were a child: I wanted to travel the world. I am right now travelling. I started reaching my goal. 🙂
  • Education: Graduated Bachelor Architecture, Started Masters Degree in Multimedia Art