Hair of Medusa

Hair of Medusa is a digital artist based in Turkey, deeply immersed in the world of surrealism. Drawing inspiration from her dreams and the boundless realms of creativity, she often becomes intimately connected with her subjects, capturing not just their physical likeness but their very essence. A graduate from the Faculty of Communication with a background in web design, she emphasizes the importance of growing one’s artistic sense over focusing on sales. Eager to collaborate, Peter Gric remains at the top of her list, having admired his work for years. Medusa’s art is a testament to her empathy, imagination, and profound connection with her dream world.

NFT Granny: “Dear Ceren – or as most people know you, “Hair of Medusa”. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your dedication of time. While exploring various artists’ unique nicknames, I couldn’t help but notice that yours stands out as particularly special. Could you kindly share the story behind your artist name “Hair of Medusa”?”

Hair of Medusa: I like Greek mythology, and I got to thinking about Medusa. It seemed to me that the most interesting attribute of her curse, when she was a beautiful young woman, was having her hair turned into serpents. Of course, this is much less dramatic than her ability to turn heroes to stone (especially for the heroes), but it felt like the hallmark of her curse.

How did you first become interested in art, and how did you get started with it yourself?

Hair of Medusa: I like to paint, and I started getting more serious about it around the time that NFT art began to take off, so I gave it a try.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your project “Age Of Basileus”?

Hair of Medusa: Basileus was one of my collectors. Someone gave him the idea to mint his coin, then another person suggested an Async Art blueprint. He was my biggest collector on Async, and I wanted to do a blueprint, so we agreed to try the project. It ended up being pretty successful, thanks to Basileus’ wonderful guidance and, of course, his famous coin. 🙂

“Drachma #000”
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“Drachma #003”
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“Drachma #005”
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Which of your artworks are you most proud of? 

Hair of Medusa: I am really focused on building my voice in art; therefore each new piece becomes my favorite. Asking me to choose one is akin to choosing a favorite child – I cannot – I love them all.

“Morph Me Black Circle” (2023)
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“Spaces Between II” (2023)
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“Under the Sky” (2023)
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Is there an artist you would like to work with? Like a collaboration?

Hair of Medusa: Absolutely, I’d love to collaborate with Peter Gric. It might seem impossible, but Peter has been my favorite artist for about 5 years! 🙂

We are curious 🙂 Would you be willing to share any plans of upcoming projects?

Hair of Medusa: I’m really focusing on my 1/1 art, even though it’s arguably the most challenging area of crypto art during the bear market.

Who or what are your biggest influences or sources of inspiration?

Hair of Medusa: I’m a surrealist painter. My primary influence has always been my dreams, and that influence has grown over time. Naturally, every dream contains fragments of my life. I also enjoy observing and painting other people—their dreams, disappointments, and struggles with life. I believe my empathetic ability greatly aids me in the realm of art.

Is there something specific you are trying to express with your art? 

Hair of Medusa: In my artistic endeavors, I intentionally steer away from fixating on specific topics. Instead, I draw inspiration from the boundless realms of creativity and imagination. For me, being overly attached to particular themes can sometimes hinder the organic flow of my artistic expression. I strive to embrace a sense of freedom and fluidity in my work, allowing ideas to form naturally without predefined boundaries. Thus, it often revolves around my dreams. I’m a lucid dreamer, so sometimes, when I have a particularly captivating dream, I enjoy sharing the experience. 🙂

What do you feel when you are creating new art?

Hair of Medusa: When I’m in the process of creating new art, it’s a deeply immersive experience for me. I find that I become intimately connected not only with the subject at hand but also with the experiences and emotions of the person I am painting. It’s as though I step into their world for a moment, feeling their joys, struggles, and the essence of who they are. This connection fuels my creative process, allowing me to infuse my work with a sense of empathy and authenticity. I strive to capture not just the physical likeness but also the soul and story of the individual. It’s a profound exchange of energies.

In those moments of creation, I experience a unique intimacy with both my subject and their experiences. Making art, especially creating physical paintings, is vital to my day-to-day life. I feel healthier when I’m working.

What do you feel the moment a project you’ve created dropped?

Hair of Medusa: I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It’s always rewarding to see a long-term project come to fruition. 🙂

Do you remember the first time you heard about NFT Art? 

Hair of Medusa: I believe it was in 2019 when I read about Hive (a blockchain site). I minted my first NFT on “NFT Showroom”

How do you enjoy the NFT Art you have collected? Do you have a way to display it for example at home?

Hair of Medusa: Oh yes, I certainly do. I’ve collected, been gifted, and gifted art from George Boya, MrRichi, Arthr, Pascal Blanche, and many others. I proudly display these pieces in our home, either as prints or on computer screens.

What would be your biggest wish for the NFT Art scene? What is currently missing / not fully developed to reach full potential out of it?

Hair of Medusa: Well, with more collectors and a more active market, it’s not just about the economics. The excitement of having increased activity in the art market also makes life more thrilling for me.

What is the most disturbing thing when it comes to NFTs and cryptoart in your opinion?

Hair of Medusa: The thing I dislike most is scammers. Like most people, I fear hacking and security issues.

Which tools do you use to create your art?

Hair of Medusa: I usually use Procreate, Photoshop, After Effects, and some modeling programs. Lately, I’ve been turning to physical pieces and using real paint.

What does a typical day for you look like, and what do you like to do when you’re not busy with digital Art?

Hair of Medusa: I have a warm family and a young daughter, so my days are full. When I find time amidst all my daily tasks, I engage in sports activities. They calm my mind and make me feel good.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Hair of Medusa: Well, I’ve received some great advice. But in terms of art, I’d say it’s to not focus too much on sales and pricing. Instead, I should immerse myself in developing my artistic sense.

Is there something aside from art or NFTs you collect?

Hair of Medusa: I have a few metaverse objects and tokens that I use more often for metaverse gatherings.

Where do you like to travel?

Hair of Medusa: I love the untouched, unspoiled aspects of nature. That’s why I enjoy every trip to places of natural beauty.

  • Full Name: Ceren Yuzgul
    Current Hometown: Izmir, Turkey
    Languages she speaks: Turkish
    What did you want to be when you were a child: Astronaut
    Education: I graduated from the Faculty of Communication and also completed a program in web design.
    First Job: PR Specialist

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