As Switzerland’s first online Art Magazine, in collaboration with Giahi AG is set to host an NFT Pop-Up Gallery in the heart of Zurich. After the Zurich Summer Holidays, we’re creating an intersection between the worlds of tattoos, art, and NFT technology. It’s not just our second physical gallery exhibit but an immersive experience dedicated to democratizing NFT Art and bringing it closer to the mainstream market.

Creating Connections, Building Bridges

We aim to make this experience holistic and enlightening for our visitors by adopting a threefold approach:

  • Showcasing meticulously curated NFT art.
  • Displaying it on high-quality screens at a centrally located and innovative venue.
  • Hosting engaging and informative blockchain-related talks.

About the Organizers

Giahi represents individualism and uniqueness, expressed through fine art tattoos. It’s not just about embracing diversity, but doing so with panache. They’re now venturing into the creation of digital tattoos, or NFTs. believes in the potential and magic of digital art. We make efforts to illuminate the human stories behind every piece of digital art and educate people about the NFT Art landscape through our NFT Granny section.

The Venue and Attractions

Our Pop-Up Gallery at Löwenstrasse 22, 8001 Zurich, open daily Monday to Saturdays from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm, will host unique curated shows of NFT Artists, both established and upcoming. We aspire to educate and entertain our audience through NFT Art-related talks and make NFT art accessible to all.

High-resolution Samsung screens will present dynamic NFT Art exhibitions, rotating regularly throughout our four-week event. The shows will feature a wide array of Digital Art, including Swiss Digital Artists, Profile Picture Projects, Digital 1 of 1 Art, Photography, and Tattoo Art as NFTs.

Event Schedule of our 2022 Series

The Gallery is open to the public from August 25th to September 22nd, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. We have lined up a series of special events, talks, and limited access sessions. Speakers include renowned industry figures from companies like YesWeTrust, PWC, Vivents, and others. The weeks were themed, presenting a mix of exhibitions, workshops, parties, and more:

  • Week 1: Digital Art of Swiss Artists Exhibition
  • Week 2: PFP & Generative Art Exhibition
  • Week 3: Digital Art 1 of 1
  • Week 4: Tattoo Art
  • Week 5: Photography
Vivents showing a completly new luxurious experiences by mixing NFTs and Luxury Goods
PWC Rocks – Thank you Gunther

Audience and Outreach

Our anticipated audience is broad and diverse. We’re targeting the 110,000+ NFT Art and Crypto-savvy readers of, the clients and followers of Giahi AG, local citizens of Zurich and nearby cantons, along with members of different societies like the Crypto Valley Association, House of Blockchain, and Blockchain Nation Switzerland.

Join us for an exploration of digital artistry, education, networking, and the celebration of the NFT revolution! Let’s together dispel the aura of exclusivity around Art Galleries and make NFT Art accessible to everyone.

Our third physical Pop-Up Gallery turned after four weeks into Zurichs first digital Art Gallery. The exhibit aims to bring NFT Technology and NFT Art closer to the mainstream market, we work to educate people and provide a platform for artists. Building bridges between the worlds.