NFT Gallery Zurich's NFT Granny is no stranger to the international art scene. With a mission to make NFT Art accessible and understandable for everyone, she has taken her knowledge and passion for digital art around the world.

From the luxury winter resort town of St Moritz to the bustling city life of Zurich, NFT Granny has successfully organized and contributed to numerous exhibitions. Her efforts were not confined within Swiss borders; she took her NFT advocacy to renowned art events like Art Basel, where she showcased the allure and potential of digital art on a global platform.

Beyond the continent, she's also made her mark in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, where the tech and art scenes blend seamlessly. In the culturally rich city of London, her exhibitions have served as a bridge, connecting the traditional art world with the emerging digital art universe.

NFT Granny's exhibitions worldwide signify not just her commitment to NFT Art but also attest to the growing global interest and acceptance of this new art form. Stay tuned to see where NFT Granny takes her digital art advocacy next!

Your NFT Granny

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