The purpose of artynft is to bring a personal touch into the NFT Art scene. To make it understandable for everyone. We want to show that technical know-how is not necessary to enjoy and hold beautiful art pieces.

NFT Art is more than just codes. As offline art, it is about passion and feelings.

We are two friends and art lovers based in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. Art has always been a big part of our lives. Since we deep-dived into the NFT scene, we stumbled across a big problem. Digital art could feel anonymous or cold – but art is something personal, something intimate, something special.

We publish new interviews with the artist in a weekly rhythm. Feel the beat – become part of artynft.io


We are here for you


We simplify the difficulty.


Art lovers by heart.

Artynft brings a human touch into NFT Art

The team

Name: Stephan

Languages you speak: English, German
First job: Temporary job in a toolmaking company
Discord: SteVe_Zrh#3278

Name: NFT Granny

Languages you speak: English, German
First job: knitting scarves
Discord: What is Discord?

Name: Lorella

Languages you speak: English, German, Italian
First job: Bartending at carnival in my hometown
Discord: LUK#0680

Name: Maybe you?

Languages you should speak: English
Experience: Passion for digital Art – contact
us directly and lets have a chat 🙂